The Unforgiven

The Unforgiven
By Alan E. Rose
"I've often wondered, did anything happen to you at that camp?" his mother asked. "You came back...different."

Successful financial advisor Peter Braddock's third marriage is on the rocks. All his wives have described him the same way: as handsome, charming, intelligent, and deadseemingly incapable of relating on a deeper emotional level. His mother's question stirs forgotten memories of when he was thirteen and went away to summer camp. As he seeks counseling in an attempt to save his marriage, Peter and his therapist begin to explore his suppressed memories of that summer and of his relationship to Father Scott, the camp director. Eventually, Peter will come to the conclusion that he was molested by the priest. But he is wrong; the truth is far worse.

The Unforgiven is a complex psychological thriller that explores the relationship between memory and guilt, and how the forgotten past continues to bleed into one's present.
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