The Straight Shooter

The Straight Shooter

A Nate Dainty Manhunt!

By Paul Faraday
Fresh from a summer on the beach, West Hollywood Junior Collegiate, Nate Dainty is armed with a syllabus and a hidden agenda: to meet adult film sensation and (somewhat less) dedicated calculus student, Myles Long. Myles returns Our Red-Haired Amateur Sleuth's desire, but before their big scene, the Paragon of Porn is snatched out from under Nate by masked men in a van in a parking lot!With the help of his good pals, Beso Tangelo and Jorge Ramirez, Nate tackles the case. Soon, life as Nate and his gay friends know it takes a dangerous turnfirst into the Valley (!!) and then into a bathhouse (!!!)

Who holds the secret to Myles Long's kidnapping? A jealous roommate, an aging houseboy, or a drag queen with a weakness for Vodka Martinis? The fearless and nubile Nate Dainty takes on the list of suspects with charm, willingness to disrobe, and a disarming ability that only West Hollywood's favorite amateur detective could muster!
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