The Return of Jake Slater

The Return of Jake Slater
By Zavo

In the thrilling sequel to Hot on His Trail, Jake Slater, handsome Texas Ranger, has been left for dead by the devious Sheriff Rawlins. Ben Masters is the equally handsome outlaw wanted for supposedly killing a Texas Ranger in Abilene. Ben has been captured by Rawlins and is being escorted back to Abilene for hanging. Knowing this, Jake heads there as well, intent on saving his lover. Upon his arrival in Abilene, Jake finds evidence that leads him to believe Ben is dead. Now a wanted man in Abilene, Jake heads to Mexico to begin a new life. After escaping from Sheriff Rawlins, Ben is unable to clear his name, and also journeys to Mexico. Along the way, Ben and Jake encounter train robbers, a horny farming community, and the Mexican army. Their paths finally converge at a Mexican male whorehouse, where they face a fight to the death.


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