The Grim Reaper's Calling Card

The Grim Reaper's Calling Card
By Donald Webb

Two months ago, Anne Bradley, a young California nurse, disappeared and the case has gone cold. Hired by her father, private investigator Katsuro Tanaka must pick up the pieces of the tragedy that occurred on that fateful day. He soon discovers that Anne Bradley is not the only missing person. Two other people are missing under similar circumstances, and in each of the three cases, the abductor has left his calling card: A tarot card of the Grim Reaper. It is now up to Tanaka to determine how the missing persons’ lives intersected, and to unravel the mystery of their disappearance. 

A Katsuro Tanaka Mystery

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Release Date  
Words   75,000
Pages   244
ISBN-13  978-1-62639-749-1
File Formats  epub, mobi, pdf

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