The Diamond City

The Diamond City

Book One of The Adventures of Vernon Auldswell, Gentleman Explorer

By Vivian Caethe
Through the Bridge of Bones, to the Ancestor Tree, find the Fish that waits in the Sea.

Vernon is driven to find the mythical Diamond City, the last remaining artifact of the War that almost destroyed the planet thousands of years ago. Harold's expertise with the cavern dwellers allows him to follow his heart and accompany Vernon down into the cave systems that might lead to their goal.

In the midnight-dark depths of the caverns, danger abounds and both men are tried to the limits of their strength and their newfound love. Allied against them are the bad luck feared by the cavern dwellers, the ravenous spiderlike laminak, and the machinations of the deadly Queen of the Morven.

Deep in the ocean depths, the City wakes from its slumber.
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