Tallulah Bankhead Slept Here

Tallulah Bankhead Slept Here
By Sam Lollar

It’s Aaron’s big coming of age/coming out party! Date: 1967. Place: El Paso’s Rancho Sonora Motel, near Juarez, Mexico. Come early and Dollie or Scott (mother/son owners of the Rancho) will check you in; come late and Larinda (the night clerk) will show you around. Check your room for spy holes, though, unless you like to be watched! Tallulah and Jayne Mansfield are there. Meet Aaron’s favorite prostitutes and strippers. Rick (Aaron’s first infatuation) is there. In Hollywood, Aaron hangs out with TV star Mark and his brother Isaac. Mark can be playful, Isaac can be deadly with his 11-inch…knife. Meanwhile, back at the Rancho, what's with all the cars? Is Scott trying to buy the affections of our boy, Aaron? Come to the party where all will be revealed!

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Release Date  
Words   104,000
Pages   288
ISBN-13  978-1-62639-711-8
File Formats  epub, mobi, pdf

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