By Michelle Grubb

National Crime Agency Assistant Director Ash Voss is highly intelligent and a must have on any table at a quiz night. She knows how to do one thing above all else: catch the bad guys. Ash has been out and proud since she could tie her shoelaces, and loving an ambitious young agent was as natural as Mother Nature herself. Until she got her heart broken into a million pieces.

Years later, Ash is thrust into Operation Syphon to oversee the conclusion of years of undercover work. The undercover NCA officer turns out to be none other than Nate Young, her ex-lover, who has since transitioned. When the dangerous criminals they worked so hard to put away discover Nate’s betrayal, a deadly cat-and-mouse chase will take them across the country and into each other’s arms. 

Ash thought she knew herself, what she wanted, how she wanted it, and more precisely, who she wanted. Nate couldn’t possibly be what she was looking for. Could he?

Cover Artist: Jeanine Henning

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ISBN-13  978-1-63679-036-7

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*This item has not been released and will not be available until: March 1, 2022