Guarding Evelyn

Guarding Evelyn
By Erin Zak

After being forced to take a leave of absence from the Secret Service, Alden Ryan is back home and living with her overbearing, completely lovely parents. Going stir-crazy in suburbia and in need of cash, Alden reluctantly takes a job guarding one of Hollywood’s leading ladies, Evelyn Glass.

Evelyn Glass is making a comeback. She left acting to start a family, and when her husband leaves her for a younger woman, Evelyn decides to claw her way back to fame. She lands a role as the star on a top-rated television show and feels invincible once again. As her ego starts to grow, so does her fan base, and attention, unwanted and otherwise, comes from every direction.

Evelyn and Alden butt heads at every pass. Evelyn’s desire to prove herself puts her in harm’s way more than once, until Alden shows her that her need for recognition is putting her children’s lives at risk. Evelyn has a change of heart, regarding not just Alden’s protection, but the attraction simmering between them. Can she prove her love means more to her than fame before it’s too late?

Cover Artist: Tammy Seidick
Release Date  
ISBN-13  978-1-63555-842-5

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