Franky Gets Real

Franky Gets Real
By Mel Bossa

Lately, life has been giving Franky the finger, and it isn't the index. He's lost the map to his life. What he needs is a getaway. A break from the city. But most of all, he needs a breather from Geena Piranha Pirelli, his domineering girlfriend and...boss.

Franky escapes with his four childhood friends, heading to the woods for a four-day camping trip. With their twenties over, the old gang faces adulthood. Responsibilities. Marriage. Picket fences. Wyatt, king of cool, is now a father of three. Holly, feminist extraordinaire, is a law student with a bright future. Nevin, brains of steel, is a network engineer living with his disabled mother. And Alek, Wyatt's young, elusive brother?

Alek is the man with the liquid gold eyes. The man whose touch left an imprint on Franky's soul fifteen years ago. Is that beautiful moment gone forever? Determined to find out, and against all obstacles, Franky sets out to find the lost treasure he'd stopped looking for, but he is soon confronted with the one thing he's been running from all of his life...Reality.

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