Dead Handsome

Dead Handsome
By Armin Izod
A taste for blood and semen. Gregore is a hired assassin and vampire who never leaves a clue behind, or a drop of blood. A master of deception, he earns his blood money by romancing high-profile homophobes and ultimately silencing their hate speech.

NY Detective Pepper makes the gay connection, prowling the secretive streets of Greenwich Village with an artist's sketch. Pepper has more on his mind than dead bodies with fatal wounds to the groin. His father, a decorated cop, committed suicide. No one understands why, but Pepper does. And when a priest he confesses to informs his fiercely heterosexual police precinct, his locker is painted pink.

Greenwich Village is close-knit so it's no wonder Pepper and Gregore end up at the same bar. The vampire feels a love/death passion for the handsome, despondent cop. The seductive murder couldn't be easier. Yet once they strip away each other's outer skin and expose the inner core, an attraction builds that radically changes both men. But flashing blue lights are closing in.


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