By Daniel W. Kelly

Welcome to Kremfort Cove, where the men are hot as hell...literally.

Burly bearded bear Deck Waxer is a private dick with an attraction to cases of the supernatural. He comes to the city as it is transforming from a ghetto into a gay mecca—and power struggles between the various sub-groups in the community are turning violent. Most horrific is the rash of gay men who are bursting into flames in broad daylight! Deck suspects it's an epidemic of spontaneous combustion. But trying to explain the inexplicable means getting into hot fetishistic encounters with sexy, eccentric locals. Deck is willing to jump into that fire. What he fears is getting his burning desire for a troubled go-go boy with daddy issues. As hearts and hard-ons are exposed, blood-pumping organs become vulnerable to the real danger that threatens the gay men of the city they now call Cremation Cove...

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