Capable of Evil

Capable of Evil
By Martin Delacroix
Career criminal Alton McKinney, and youthful arsonist Randall, are not just cellmates, they're lovers. When the two are paroled from Okeechobee State Prison, they hatch a plot to kidnap a rich girl. They'll ransom her for a million dollars.

McKinney and Randall share a cheap motel roomtheir passion burns hotter than Florida's sunshineand the motel staff is scandalized. A maid tells her manager, "Them twothe boy and the manbeen humpin' like crazy, ever since the boy got here. Their sheets are sticky every mornin'."

When the kidnapping unfolds, McKinney tells Randall, "I don't like killin'. But sometimes you got to, so your own life is preserved. It's how things work."

Will Randall buy into McKinney's view of things? Is he capable of evil?
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