Black Fire

Black Fire

Gay African-American Erotica

By Shane Allison

Black Fire celebrates the heat and power of sex between gay black men: from rude B-boys and gorgeous thugs, to button-down business tycoons having a late boardroom romp, the worshippers of heavenly brawn, and the devoutly religious in their forays through the subterranean grottoes of the world...

The narrator of Jamie Freeman's "Alex's Adventures in the Land of Wonder China Emporium" puts a hot gay twist on a fairy tale classic. And in Bearmuffin's "His Jock Slave," a man's dream comes true when he is nailed by the man he worships in every way imaginable. From the sultriness in Logan Zachary's "Black Bayou Fire" to the raw lust that goes down in a department store changing room in Landon Dixon's "Fitting Room," these are stories that arouse and confront.

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