Andy Squared

Andy Squared
By Jennifer Lavoie
Seventeen-year-old twins, Andrew and Andrea Morris, have always been close. They share everythingfrom their friends to a roomand they both enjoy star positions on their high school's soccer teams. All's right with the twins...or is it? When new student Ryder Coltrane moves from Texas to their small New York town, he spins Andrew's world upside down. All of Andrew's past relationship troubles begin to make sense and his true feelings start to click into place after Ryder comes out to him. His friendship with Ryder turns secretively romantic, but secrets, they soon find out, are hard to keep. Once rumors start to fly, so-called friends turn on them, and the boys' relationship turns into a bomb about to explode. But Andrew never expected it would be his own twin, Andrea, holding a lighter to ignite it.
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Pages   216
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