Jerry Rabushka

Jerry Rabushka

Jerry Rabushka is a novelist, playwright, musician, and composer. Over 100 of his scripts have been published and are produced throughout the U.S. and internationally. He's won several writing awards including the Saints and Sinners playwriting contest in 2010 and its short fiction contest in 2012 and 2016. 


Musical achievements include several albums of original music, one of which was an OutMusic award nominee; being named a ragtime composition contest finalist; and receiving an award for an original musical score. In theater, he produced many of his own LGBT (and other) themed plays was recognized for his efforts in bringing LGBT performers to St. Louis.

The Prophecy is Rabushka's second published novel. It began with a college assignment to write a short story based on a dream, and over the years, those six pages worked their way into the book. He has logged nearly 25 years as a writer/editor at a national trade publication. Rabushka is a lifelong resident of St. Louis, MO, where he lives with his partner, Isaac Cherry.


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Jerry can be contacted at Jerry Rabushka.